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Keeping The Children Of Maiden Gully Safe


Survey now closed

Background Information ​On the 17/8/2020 Council approved “A Revised Maiden Gully Precinct Structure Plan (PSP)” acknowledging assistance from the Maiden Gully Progress Association. However, we did not agree with revision R44 “Signalisation of the intersection of Calder Highway and Maiden Gully Road with connection through to Carolyn Way which would become a two-way street”. See Page 31 in the link: Maiden Gully Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) PSP clarification The PSP contains 25 objectives, 45 guidelines and 65 requirements – many of this with several points under each. R44 states ‘signalisation of the intersection of Calder Highway and Maiden Gully Road with connection through to Carolyn Way which would become a two-way street.’ The PSP simply ‘describes how the land is expected to be developed’. Council can and should, declare publicly it disagrees with R44 in the PSP due to insufficient initial consultation and the ongoing demand from community to keep Carolyn Way closed. Containing over 135 recommendations, guidelines, and objectives in one report (each with many sub points contained within in) is confusing and makes it difficult for both the community, and the COGB to endorse each and every single finding. R44 is not in the community interest, was not heavily canvassed within the community, nor is it broadly supported. Given this, we request the following: City of greater Bendigo publicly record its dismissal of R44 of the PSP and instead commit that Carolyn Way will remain a 1-way street due to safety concerns. Previous Introduction to our Survey on the Maiden Gully Road Calder Highway Intersection, The urgent need for: ‘A Traffic Light Maiden Gully Road Calder Highway T Intersection’ At a Meeting of the MGPA Monday 1st Feb, the major stake holders were gathered to discuss the urgent need to amend the Marong Road (Calder Highway) Improvements Planning: Community and Stakeholder Engagement Report – March 2020. There was unanimous agreement that each body would conduct their own survey of their clientele. Results would be combined into a final report to be presented to Maree Edwards for action. Although we respect the efforts of Vic Roads wide ranging consultative process to gather the facts pertaining to this intersection, we believe the process did not present an alternative proposal and the sample size of 72 was far too low. Their presentation focused on a Cross Road Intersection and did not propose an alternative T Intersection. Both Marist College and the Maiden Gully Primary School have been lobbying for urgent attention for something to be done at this intersection as traffic flow during school times is congested. To emphasize the need, consider the rapid development within Bendigo and Maiden Gully that has led to Marist College enrolment’s now reaching 1150 students peaking at 1250 by 2023 and Maiden Gully Primary’s 570. The predicted enrolment of Maiden Gully Primary School is between 763 to 816 by the year 2030. Increasing enrolments create increased traffic density. The Maiden Gully Progress Association is of the opinion that if as the current plan proceeds with the opening of Carolyn Way to the Calder Highway to create a crossroad intersection, little focus had been given to the effect this would have on the Maiden Gully Primary School. Our survey is intended to consult more widely with the Maiden Gully Community via Facebook focusing on an alternative solution not expressed in the consultations by Vic Roads. Findings will be combined with those from Marist College and the Maiden Gully Primary School. Arguments for a Traffic Light Intersection

  1. Improved traffic flow and safety. It can be a lengthy exercise during the 40kph school time zone for residents, commuters, and parents accessing and exiting Maiden Gully Road into or from the Calder Highway. The frustration caused can lead to drivers making dangerous decisions causing accidents.

  2. Commuters to and from Marist College will benefit by the ready access to Maiden Gully Road whereas many avoid the intersection taking other circuitous routes.

  3. The current School Crossing on Calder Highway bend can be moved to the traffic light-controlled intersection with a crossing supervisor. This will increase the safety of all concerned.

Arguments for a Traffic Light T Intersection by Keeping Carolyn Way Closed

  1. Opening Carolyn Way to the Calder Highway will create two-way traffic past the school increasing the risk to all.

  2. By maintaining the existing one-way traffic past the Maiden Gully Primary School, current car park drop-off and pick-up spaces alongside the school will be retained. If Carolyn Way is opened to the Calder Highway, then many of these spaces will be lost. Yet, parents will still need to drop off students/pick up students potentially creating congestion for the increased volume of through traffic.

  3. If the existing nose in parking on Carolyn Way is to be retained should the intersection be opened to a crossroad, then it will interfere with the traffic flow during school times as parked cars back out into the oncoming traffic. This situation operates now but with the increased traffic flow past the school the condition will be exacerbated.

  4. A new supervised school crossing will mostly be needed outside the school. Again, this would interrupt traffic flow.

  5. Opening Carolyn Way as a crossroad will necessitate the closing of the current Calder Highway Service Road creating a Court Bowl. There will be no access to Carolyn Way via the existing service road.

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