Cycling and walking within, to and from Maiden Gully is easy, safe and enjoyable for all

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Ride Walk Maiden Gully is a collective of local residents who are interested in increasing the number of people in the community who ride or walk to school, work, local shops / services, recreational areas and family or friend’s homes.


We aim to increase the number of people who cycle and walk for commuter and recreational purposes and to ensure that this form of transportation is easy, safe and enjoyable for all. To achieve this, we focus on:

  • Promoting and developing cycling and walking initiatives and events in the community

  • Connecting people who are interested in cycling or walking with others in the community.

  • Raising funds / attracting grants to help develop cycling and walking initiatives

  • Advocating to and partnering with City of Greater Bendigo, VicRoads, local developers, schools and other relevant stakeholders to:

    • Conduct cycling / walking events or initiatives

    • Ensure that the needs of cyclists and walkers are considered in planning for roads, paths, infrastructure developments and residential developments

    • Expand the cycling and walking network (paths, tracks, trails and roads) both within Maiden Gully and to/from Maiden Gully

    • Increase safety for those who cycle or walk in the community.

  • Seeking feedback from the community about specific cycling / walking upgrades or developments that are required


Maiden Gully is located 7km to the west of the Bendigo CBD and is 4,167 hectares in size. It is estimated that the current population of Maiden Gully, which is one of the fastest growth areas within the City of Greater Bendigo, is 5,6161.


Maiden Gully is home to many young families, has a higher proportion of young people under 18, and people in the ‘parent and homebuilder stage’ than the City of Greater Bendigo.

According to the Maiden Gully Precinct Structure Plan; rezoning of non-urban land will enable the development of approximately 3,800 new houses over the next 20 years, resulting in a 102.3% population increase by 2036 to 11,3582.


We want to ensure that both our existing and our new residents have access to safe, convenient and enjoyable paths, tracks, trails and on-road bicycle lanes that connect them to the places they want to go.


Our key priority is to encourage more people to cycle and walk more often. This can be achieved through:

Promotion and development of cycling and walking events

Promotion of existing cycling and walking groups

The promotion of existing cycle and walking paths

Better activation of existing paths

Improving cycling and walking infrastructure.


We are inviting people to join the Ride Walk Maiden Gully team. If you have an interest in helping to grow cycling and walking, and further developing paths, tracks and trails, please contact us.

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