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Calder Highway - Maiden Gully Rd Intersection Upgrade

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

The City of Greater Bendigo will be holding a meeting this coming Monday 11th December 6pm, to grant Marist College an amendment to delete conditions in their building permit.

The permit includes conditions which (in short) required: • (2) - A single lane roundabout at Patas/Golf Links Road and Bracewell Street); and • (3) - Signalisation at the Maiden Gully Road/Calder Highway intersection.

Please refer to the CoGB meeting agenda pages 390 - 408

Building permit:

Download PDF • 4.61MB

As of 2023, Marist have a combined number of students and teachers of 1330 and the entire population of Maiden Gully in 2022, was 5499. Even though the College contains almost a quarter of the population of the suburb, the Highway intersection is deemed to be 'operating in an acceptable and safe manner and the offsite works are no longer warranted leading to a conclusion that the conditions 2 and 3 of the permit can be deleted'

The College prepared and submitted a TIAR with their request to amend the permit. The City had that TIAR peer reviewed and subsequently commissioned a further, evidence-based review (inclusive of traffic counts). There is a weight of evidence which leads to a conclusion that the works are now not required. It is appropriate to amend the permit as requested.

For years now the Maiden Gully Progress Association have been advocating to improve the flow and safety of the Calder Highway.

Please see letters to Maree Edwards- State Member for Bendigo West

Maree Edwards 200223
Download PDF • 292KB

Letters to the last 2 Ministers for Roads and Road Safety Victoria:

Hon Ben Carroll Response Oct 22
Download PDF • 49KB

Response from Hon Melissa Horne
Download PDF • 111KB

If you would like to see the outcome of this amendment, please register with CoGB to book your seat at the upcoming meeting:

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