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Solar Panels for MG Community Hall

Each year Qantas provides grants that support Australian-based communities and projects that benefit regional areas. This year, Qantas is offering a share of $2 million to successful applicants.

The grant requirements and details are available on the Qantas website via this link;


Maiden Gully Progress Association committee members have endorsed an application for solar panels with batteries for the Community Hall. The grant will provide a reliable energy source that will enhance safety, build resilience, and solidify the community’s independence. The ability to store energy will contribute to our shared desire to reduce harmful emissions. As a result, the cost savings would enable the hall to be utilised at affordable rates, supporting local economy and trade, and provide a facility that can be accessed during times of extended power outage. The system is estimated to save approximately $2,392 in operating costs in the first year. Over the system’s lifetime, this equates to 517,683 km driven in a car, 3,328 trees planted, or 371 long haul flights!!!!


An application has been submitted for $50,000 towards purchase of solar panels for the Community Hall. All applications are judged during May and June and announced in July. If successful, the system will be purchased sometime in August when the grant becomes available.


MGPA would like to thank Lisa Chesters, our Federal Member for Bendigo, who wrote to the Maiden Gully Progress Association to provide information about the Qantas Regional Grant.

Also, special thanks to Luke from Sunergy, a local business, for providing the solar system details. Please consider reaching out to Sunergy when contemplating solar panel purchase or upgrading your existing system.


Other MGPA projects include traffic light installation at Maiden Gully Road and Calder Highway. A representative from the City of Greater Bendigo has been invited as a guest to our regular monthly MGPA meeting to update members and the community on how this is progressing.

Preliminary work is also underway to develop and include the Maiden Gully hall within an emergency management plan for safety and improved community resilience while waiting for Qantas’s grant application decision for solar panels.


Our next meeting is Tuesday 14 May at 7:30pm at Maiden Gully’s Community Hall. Why don’t you come along?

Want to know what’s going on in the community? Join the MGPA. Membership forms are available – visit our website at and down load a form today!

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