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Updated: Aug 5

It has only been 12 months since I took over the position of president for the Maiden Gully Progress Association, but I will tell you what, I have learnt an incredible amount of information, met a bunch of amazing people and modernised the system. Now in saying this, I want more. I would not say I am a greedy person, but when it comes to the future of the suburb of my children, then yes, I will be greedy.

The power of your voice.....

When members join the association, I would ideally like them to play an active role, but I am also a realistic person. Not all people in today’s world have a lot, if any, available time. All I ask, is that when you become a member, see if you are physically available for the meeting, if you are not, zoom in or make an apology. Be sure to peruse the agenda, if something is of particular importance to you, make a comment, be involved, have a voice. I honestly don’t think that is asking too much.

What I seem to hear a great deal of in this position, is that nothing seems to happen in Maiden Gully. Why is this happening elsewhere, or why don’t our councillors listen? I’ll give you a good reason. Our association needs a louder voice with more support and members. Another good reason is because until now, our suburb was only in its early stages of growth.

Well let me tell you something residents of Maiden Gully………


A suburb is only as loud as the voice that represents it. Have you ever wondered why Strathfieldsaye and Epsom/Huntly have been flourishing with infrastructure, business and development of recent times when their population is very similar to ours? They have a voice. Their community district enterprise groups are strong. We need more members and a louder voice……WE NEED YOU.

Our Lockwood Ward Councillors are coming to the Maiden Gully Marist Oval Canteen this coming Saturday 23rd July 1-2:30pm. They also play a very major role in the future of our suburb. It would be fantastic if you were to all attend and introduce yourselves. State your political intentions for Maiden Gully and surrounds. I have heard many people say they don’t listen. Yes, I hear you. But how about NOW? Our suburb's population has increased drastically in the last decade. We not only want infrastructure, sustainability and development, but we need it.

Our AGM is Wednesday 10th August 7pm at the Maiden Gully Primary School gymnasium meeting room, 10 Carolyn Way. Please come and join in, or email us for a zoom link admin@maidengully.com.au

I sincerely look forward to seeing some of you at the listening post or at our AGM.

Warm regards,

Melissa Bishop


0408 860 786

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